Assignment 1 # Interaction Prototype

Interaction prototype


For the first interaction prototype, our assignment was open, we could do anything we were interested in to study human behaviour and interaction.


Social media being the “it” or trend thesedays, we decided to create a hashtag

#31August2015 #Auinteractivedesign



Here, we initially started with the idea of using this hashtag and ask friends and people to post images or write using the hashtag to talk about their favorite August moment .


It could be human -human, human -computer, human-nature or human -animal interaction that they enjoy.


In the process however, we discovered another human behaviour.

We found out within the circle of friends and acquaintances that posted using the hash tag  that, although every one of them are social bees on the social media, posting pictures, updating statuses and so on on instagram and facebook ( the two most popular social networks) yet they were pretty private.


On asking people to post, except for 2 or 3 people, others all chose to remain silent and not post anything, but on sending personal messages requesting to participate and post their favorite moments, surprisingly all of them were happy to share (in private message and not on their post)

Those information were special to them and its no problem if they post it but they chose to send and describe the moment in private.

It’s interesting how these social network users are pretty private on their quest for socialisation.





As for the results from the hashtag, there was a mixture of responses as expected some described private moment being in solitude with nature, some with friends, some with pets and some others attending some event.

Although its a small quick  survey , it did show the human need to feel connected to something and interact whether alone or in company.







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