These four legged Angels 

I remember the very first time You left an impression on us

Wagging your tail away

like it didn’t belong there
Running back and forth

with all that joy

Jumping up and down

Standing on your hind legs

As tho the other two were your hands
Your tongue hanging out

And your lips opened up in a big smile

And how could we forget that nose

Those pink, adorably sensitive nose
But your eyes , your eyes were the most beautiful…

Shiny, sparkly, deep and loving

Your eyes captured us the most.
You were a beautiful dog dear Mutula.
Coming home felt so grand because it meant being welcomed by you with so much energy and enthusiasm.
You aged with such grace

Moved with good pace

And gradually you no longer raced
Altho you are gone and it hurts

I know you are watching us with dear Tyson and Angel
Hope you aren’t annoying Tyson like you used to

And hope Angel isn’t playfully pushing you two with his huge puppy body
Angel left at such a young age but he lived his macho days while he stayed
This is for Tyson, Mutula and Angel

You will always be in our hearts

Much love ❤️


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