Mom & Dad

November 2016. Wouldn’t have done this without the support of my parents and friends. Really.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Where do I even begin? It’s so easy to say these two precious meaningful words that people often use but don’t often mean “Thank you” . These two words sum up so much of what people feel towards someone they are grateful to but  aren’t still enough.

Growing up, I was always thankful to the two of you for always being there even more than I needed or anyone of us needed, doing your best and giving us the right advice all the time and raising us as right as you could and still do. Despite any work or plans you had, you always somehow managed to not miss any of our school activities and still are our biggest supporters and cheerleaders whether at our basketball games or any other activity we took part in and most importantly in our lives.

I feel so thankful to have this strong bond that we share and that we can sit and talk to each other about almost anything. You are our parents first but you are also our best friend, our guide, our godly gift that we are very blessed to have.

Over the years, my realization and  gratefulness for you all have only grown and become more powerful especially because I’ve a number of friends and relatives who either  don’t have one of their parents or both or have both but sadly, don’t bond as much due to their own personal reasons.

Thank you with all my heart for everything and my only big wish is to be able to keep you all very happy and proud as the years go by.

It’s so easy to say these words but lets actually feel these words and act accordingly.





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