The light in the dark side


Most people want to see the big, glamorous world outside and don’t get me wrong, I do too and I think its nice to have something bigger to work towards  but I think its equally , if not more important to see the smaller, sadder part of the world just so you don’t take for granted the blessings that you enjoy in very aspect of your life.

Its so important to realize that nobody is entitled to anything and that u should value what you have and the people in your lives and just try to be happy , because even the people that live in the darker part of the world, believe me I’ve seen some of them, find happiness in their small ways and you feel so bad for complaining over silly little things.

There’s a light or wisdom that you gain only from seeing the dark side of the world and it’s total bliss. You ‘re lucky if you’ve seen it 🙂 Even if you haven’t I hope you see it now atleast.


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